Terms and Conditions for Brand Collaborations -

You must connect your YouTube & Instagram accounts with Foxy mobile app to participate in Brand Collaborations.

  • Approval of Video is at the discretion of a team of experts, as per Standards followed internally by FOXY, which shall be the final decision. In case, you don’t use the same set of products, the team of experts shall take the final decision. 

  • You may register in a maximum of 3 Campaigns at a time. You are eligible for Free Products from only one Campaign at-a-time. 

  • All Brand Collaborations to have limited slots open for participation. FOXY to approve the artists’ registration(s) on a first come first served basis within a stipulated period.

  • The Video(s) should be submitted for approval within 15 days of registration for a collaboration. 

  • Foxy and/ or respective brand(s) reserves the right to leverage their Artificial Intelligence based Algorithm to boost the reach & engagement of the video; and publish the video on your / Foxy’s  YouTube, Instagram, Facebook (or any other social networks) and such video(s) shall not be taken down by you without the consent of FOXY. Foxy shall be entitled to Edit / Change / Add Watermarks to the videos or its Title / Description.

  • Cash Rewards, as per eligibility, will be credited within 7 Calendar Days, from the date of cash rewards claimed by you. You shall share UPI / PayTM / Bank Account / PAN / Aadhar Card details to transfer the Cash Rewards. Foxy reserves the right to deduct the applicable taxes, as applicable.

  • FOXY reserves the sole right to change the product or reward commitment incase of oversubscription, technical errors or any other reason whatsoever, without incurring any liability to you for such change. The Cash Rewards and Brand Collaborations may vary from artist to artist as per Artists’ Credentials / Expertise / Foxy’s Algorithm based Demand and Supply or other Business factors. Foxy also reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions as it deems necessary at any point of time and such changes would be communicated to you on the FOXY App or Email or any other means.

  • The content created by you for the Brand Campaign is Commissioned by FOXY by itself or in collaboration with the brand. 

  • You shall abide all other Terms and Conditions, apropos to Brand Collaboration Campaign and you shall not use / post the content created for FOXY in any Social Handles or other platforms without the consent of FOXY / Brand(s).