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LetsShave Evior 3 Sensitive Product Description

LetsShave Evior 3 Sensitive

Get a wax like smooth skin with a razor now!!
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Everything you need to know

  • Evior 3 has 3 blade technology and easily glides over every curve for long lasting smoothness. It has bendable rounded head that hugs your curves for a smooth shave.
  • It has a wide moisture bar infused with Vitamin E, Aloe vera, Argan Oil and Avocado Oil. The micro guard bar preps hair before blades touch the skin for abetter shave.
  • The open flow cartridge provides easy cleaning and also extends the blade life. Specially designed ergonomic handle for a woman's grip and control both in the shower and outside for a comfortable shave.
  • The razor also has a common docking system i.e. Any Evior cartridge can fit in any Evior handle.
  • It is specially designed for sensitive skin.

Vitamin E, Aloe vera, Argan Oil and Avocado Oil

How to Use
  • Hop into shower first. Give your skin enough time to hydrate with warm water. Your pores open up when steam enters your skin thus making your facial hair easier to shave without any irritation or friction. This way shaving is far more gentle to your skin compared to a regular shave.
  •  Next- Exfoliate your skin using the LetsShave Scrub or Loofah Exfoliating Pad. The real reason why many get ingrown hair or razor bumps after shaving is because- naturally your hairs are lying flat against your skin, so when you shave, the razor is going to tug or pull them instead of cutting or shaving them. That is why it is best to exfoliate before shaving. Exfoliating not only lifts the hair up allowing the razor to glide more smoothly over the skin but also it removes dirt and dead skin out of the way. This results in painless, comfortable, butter-like smooth shaving experience.
  •  Apply a generous amount of LetsShave Malaai Shave Cream or Shave Gel on wet skin. This will help the razor to glide on your skin effortlessly and avoid any possibility of nicks and cuts.
  •  Now shave the desired parts of your body using the Evior 3 Sensitive Body Razor by lightly pressing it against the skin. For your legs, start shaving from the ankles working your way upwards. For your underarms, shave from all angles, up, down and sideways. The head pivots and adjusts to your curves on the knees and ankles. Rinse the blades often in between shaves for better results.
  •  Follow with LetsShave After Shave Balm to soothe your skin.
  •  Pro Tip: After shaving, always rinse your razor and store it with the blades facing up allowing the razor to air dry and be ready for the next shave. When you feel the razor isn't giving you smooth shave in one stroke, that means your blades have lost their sharpness, begun to get dull, and it's best to replace them with the new one.
Additional Info
MRP: Rs. 249 (incl. of all taxes)
Country of Origin: Korea (The Republic Of)
Name of Manufacturer / Importer / Brand: Lets Shave
Address of Manufacturer / Importer / Brand: India
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