DeoWhite Under Arm Skin Whitening Natural Roll On Deodorant For Men 75 ml Product Description

DeoWhite Under Arm Skin Whitening Natural Roll On Deodorant For Men 75 ml

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Unlike other parts of our body, the skin under the arms is extremely sensitive. The clothes we wear, the products we use, exposure to the sun, accumulation of sweat, dirt, and bacteria, all of these can lead to major skin concerns. Discoloration, pigmentation, acne, marks and spots, inflammation, skin irritation & itching, skin infections, fungal or bacterial reactions, underarm odor, etc are some to be listed. When we use perfumes or deodorants with chemicals, the skin tends to get clogged resulting in excessive sweating and that leads to bacterial formation and causes odor, infections, itchiness, and more such uneasy skin concerns. They can also darken the area and underarm lightening can be extremely tricky, whereas, body odor, discoloration, skin infections, etc can be taken care of with natural skin care products very easily. Being chemical-free, natural products heal the skin from within and cause no harm to it. With the right blend of ingredients, natural skin care products can be used for any skin concern.

DeoWhite Roll-On Deodorant For Men is one such product. Made with the best natural and ayurvedic ingredients, it takes care of all your skin concerns related to the underarms. Whether it is underarm skin whitening or body odor, DeoWhite Roll-On For Men is the perfect blend of cucumber, essential oils, vetiver, coconut, castor oil, and many more ayurvedic herbs and ingredients. It is one of the best roll-on for men and is affordable. The natural fragrances are long-lasting and keep body odor at bay. The essential oils in this make it a chemical-free perfume and help lighten dark underarms naturally. This pocket-friendly yet premium product helps you smell good all day long.


Cucumber: Prevents skin irritation and acne breakouts. Helps in hydration and reduces excessive sweating. It also tightens open pores, lightens dark skin, and soothes skin.


Vetiver: Known for its skin cell regeneration properties, Vetiver promotes the growth of new skin cells. It heals wounds, reduces scars, blemishes, and marks due to acne, burns, etc by removing dead skin cells from the body. It brightens and lightens dark skin leaving it glowing.


Castor & Coconut: Castor oil has antioxidants that reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. It fights free radicals & acne, moisturizes skin, and soothes sunburns, promotes healthy and bright skin. Coconut has antibacterial properties that prevent fungal and bacterial formation in the underarm area.


Essential Oils: A blend of various essential oils can be used to replace chemical fragrances. The perfect combinations keep you odorless throughout the day naturally without further clogging pores and darkening the area.


How to Use

Step 1: Wash the underarm area with water or wet cloth.


Step 2: Remove the cap and roll the tip in a clockwise motion.


Step 3: Leave the product on the skin and let it absorb.


Additional Info
MRP: Rs. 199
Country of Origin: India
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