THE BODY SHOP TEA TREE (REVIEW) For Acne-Prone & Sensitive Skin. Suitable for Men Too!


Farah Ilyani


*THIS VIDEO WAS NOT SPONSORED BY THE BODY SHOP* - just another honest review from a product consumer - Hello Lovelies! This is my first ever product review video! My Love goes out to THE BODY SHOP and all their products! They're 100% Vegetarian and are cruelty free! Apologies in advance for the bad editing, poor video quality, and of course those panda eyes! urgh! I hope this video will benefit those in need out there, with our harsh environment, and our time consuming work. Do share it with those with the same skin problems, and feel free to comment! PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO : THE BODY SHOP, TEA TREE SKIN CARE RANGE - Skin Clearing Facial Wash - Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner - Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution - Anti-Imperfection Night Mask - Tea Tree Oil - Mattifying Lotion - Pore Minimizer You can get all these products from any of their outlets: Or just simply purchase online! Do SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW me on my other social medias Instagram : Facebook : Special thanks to my friends and family for their honest comments on my skin improvements and showing their support in good and bad times. In support of Cruelty Free Products!

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