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Astha Mishra


The video will take you through a 5-step skincare routine for oily skin revealing some of the best products for oily skin. Oily skin requires special care and cleansing to keep it safe from acne, breakouts, and dullness. In the first step, Astha reveals the best cleanser for oily skin and large pores in India recommended by hundreds of skincare enthusiasts, The Face Shop Dr.Belmeur Clarifying Bubble Foam Cleanser. She also mentions a great oily skin-friendly serum for oily skin: The Face Shop White Seed Brightening Lotion Face Serum. The face serum has the properties of a lotion and deeply hydrates the skin along while being as light as possible. It’s pretty non-sticky and nourishes your oily skin providing the moisture it needs. She also mentions the best toner for oily skin with tea tree properties: The Beauty Co. Tea Tree Toner for Skin. Not only it tones your skin deeply but also tightens pores and prevents acne. The tea tree properties are a must-have for your oily skincare routine. These products are recommended for daily usage. Then comes the role of some products which you can use 2-3 times a week. As scrubbing is not something you should be doing daily, the Tjori Apricot Gel Scrub is one of these along with the L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Clay Mask, Detoxify with Charcoal.

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