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Cleansing is super essential. Sometimes twice more than you moisturize your skin. And the best part is that if done twice, it takes out any chance of having break outs. But how do you decide whether you need a double-cleansing routine or a single one? How do you decide, what kind of a cleanser should you use, each time you’re cleansing your face? The answer is simple. Basis the need of your skin. Before I begin with the details of this video, I hope you have seen the skin type video? If not, then you can check it out here: Once you identify your skin type, the next thing that you have to take care of, is the type of cleanser you may need. Oil based cleansers: Positives: Don’t dehydrate your skin Dissolve sebum and help cleanse deeply Melt the make-up before taking it off Helps take the excess residue without drying your skin Negatives: Too oily at times, but as I mentioned double cleansing will take care of it If not cleaned nicely, might cause break-outs Sensitive for the sensitive skin types but of course! Dekh ke lena products… Some great products that you can use are: Klairs Gentle Deep Cleansing Oil Clinique Take The Day Off The Face shop - All Clear One Shot Cleansing Oil Biotique Almond Oil Soothing Face Eye Make-up Cleanser Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil I don’t know if you guys know that Coconut oil/ butter is the best to take make-up or the day off: Garnier Gentle Soothing Facewash Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion Pears Ultra Mild Face Wash The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Himalayan Berry Gentle Face Wash Here’s a mix of all the cleansers that help you gather better balance: Forest Essentials - Mashobra Honey Lemon Rosewater Other Facial Cleansers: Forest Essentials Then we have: Kama Ayurveda The Body Shop - Vitamin C Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Tube Neutrogena - liquid cleansers Kama Turmeric Soap So guys, that was about the dry, combination and normal skin. Hope you found this video useful. If you like it, please do like, share, comment on, and spread the video. Please do make sure you subscribe to our channel - And befriend us on: FB: Insta: Twitter: Please note that there will be two more parts of thew video coming super duper soon... So, until the next video, see ya!! Love & lots of love, Team Merakilous

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