Lotus Whitening and Brightening Serum Review | Akansha Gangwar


Akansha Gangwar


Hi Everyone!! Hope you guys are doing great. Please subscribe to my channel if you like my videos and also click on the bell icon so that you will never miss any updates on my channel. Today i am doing a video for most affordable Serum and the serum is from LOtus. Getting a serum with this range is really difficult in market but guys trust me this product will amaze you with its results.. I ordered this product two weeks ago and from Amazon and after using it continuously i am reviewing this product MRP of this product is 585 and Quantity is 30 ml. Really i am amazed with the results they are amazing and the use of this product is going to whiten your skin and make it more moisturized and is going to remove most of the dark spots .. It worked well for me and i am reviewing it as per my experience. Please use this product you will love it for sure . Getting any serum in this range is not common in market Hope you all enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching this video. Connect with me Instagram- akansha_gangwar mail id- officalakansha@gmail.com Love, Akansha XOXO

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