Loreal Professionnel Paris review


Rakhi R Shukla


Not sponsored 1.loreal professional Absolut Repair Lipidium expert rs. 575 shampoo 2 loreal Professional absolut repair lipidium expert rs. 625 masque 3 conditioner rs 600. 4 serum 350 rs 💆💆‍♂️💕 Firstly wash the hair thoroughly with warm hot water, according to light warm water room temperature.Put 2 teaspoons of shampoo by taking water in a mug. Mix that shell thoroughly.Pushing that liquid mixture into the roots of your hair, slowly mildly with light hands.Take the hair down to the last end and clean the hair well. After that wash the hair thoroughly so that it can get out of the shampoo 2After applying shampoo, we will have conditioners in hair.Never apply the conditioner to the hair root Dry hair from the towel with light hands, lightly when the hair is wet, then after Serum please reply.. Thanks Plz like and share ,subscribe my channel

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