Your skin’s best friend for summers: Kara Radiance and Lifting Face Mask


Ishu Sharma


Summer is here and so is the sweat and dust that comes along. Our face and skin goes through really harsh conditions and that is why we should take extra care. So, how can you give your skin the care and attention it deserves? By simply using a face wash won’t nourish and heal your skin in summers – it’s time to try something new! I am happy to tell you guys that Kara has come up with a new product that is perfect for summers. The new radiance and lifting face mask from Kara is like your skin’s best friend for summers! I tried their new face mask and trust me guys, I was surprised to feel how amazing it felt for my skin. Pollution, dust and harsh sun rays can take their toll on your skin cells. Thanks to Kara Radiance and Lifting face mask, I can now treat my skin right in summers. Its super purifying active charcoal easily removes dead skin cells giving my face a rejuvenated, refreshing look in minutes! Plus, it also comes with rich ingredients like hazel extracts and vitamins, anti-oxidants that are good for your skin’s health. The best part about the Kara Radiance and Lifting face mask is how affordable it is. With only 100 bucks, you can easily pamper your skin this summer. It comes in many variants and I tried the charcoal and gold one personally. Recommended to use for minimum 3 times a week, I can guarantee you’ll love the super fresh, clean and glowing vibes you’ll get with this face mask from Kara. Pure, soft and light on your skin, the Kara Skin care face mask is exactly what you need to take care of your face in summers. Get rid of pollutants, dust and sun tan and give yourself a natural, youthful glow in minutes. Plus, this face mask will also tighten your skin and freshen up your pores. If you love your skin (like I do), don’t forget to try this amazing skincare product from the house of Kara – a skin care and beauty brand from Future Group offering premium quality products at affordable prices. Need more such tips and scoops on styles, trends, products, brands and more? Follow me and stay in the know for the best from yours friendly style and fashion blogger!

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