Mermaid Ocean Look using I Heart Revolution Mermaid Palette




☆Hey Everyone! ☆ I Heart revolution Unicorn Heart Eyeshadow Palette look ( I Heart revolution Dragon Heart Eyeshadow Palette look ( Video inspired by Ola Quinn: Here is a look I created using the I Heart Revolution Mermaid Heart Palette. I used eye-catching blues and making them wearable! I went for a sandy colour in the inner corner too! To draw the look together I used the Mermaid Lipstick in the shade Mythical Tale. Let me know whether you do or don’t like my videos in the comments and subscribe if you want more! New videos every Monday (hopefully)!! ☆Products used in this video:☆ - I Heart Revolution Mermaid Heart Eyeshadow Palette ( - I Heart Revolution Multi Eyeliner 'Brights' ( - Revlon Colorstay 150 shade 'Buff' Normal/dry skin ( - I Heart Revolution Mystical Mermaid's lipstick shade ' Mythical Tale ( - I Heart Revolution Metallic Mermaid Lip Gloss Enchanter ( - Revolution Pro Contour Shade 'Light' Refill Pack ( - Urban Decay Perversion Mascara ( - Revolution pro Brow Pomade in 'Taupe' ( - I Heart Glow Hearts Rays Of Radiance Highlighter ( - Benefit Hoola Bronzer ( ⬇︎Find Me Here!⬇︎ -Instagram: @MoreToFaye -Twitter: @MoreToFaye -Snapchat: MoreToFaye -Depop- bethdutton1 ⬇︎Answers to some question’s you might have⬇︎ - Music: All music is made for me by my boyfriend♡♡♡: Dan Jackson: - Editing software: Final Cut Pro X - Camera: Sony A6500 w/ Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 Macro Lens - Thumbnails: Photoshop CC - Age: 22 - Based: Derby, UK - Why do you always stumble when you talk and say words wrong: I have APD which is a learning difficulty which means that I struggled to learn how to talk properly and I struggle to listen to what people are saying. I’ll do a video on it one day maybe! - Why did you start youtube: I wanted something to look back on and I really want the chance to be creative! I was going to do a blog but I can’t write at all and don’t find writing enjoyable! - Will you do vlogs: Maybe if I get enough subscribers but I’ve got far too much going on at the moment that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it all! Contact Email: ♥︎Make sure you hit that subscribe button and to everyone who has already, Thanks! I love you! xxxx♥︎♥︎

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