How to get rid of dry and damaged hair|My hair care routine 2016|Hair care products under Rs.500




Get rid of dry and damaged hair with the hair care products which are below Rs.500. These products really turned out to be a holy grail products and a god sent gift to my dull and damaged hair.Thanx to my hair colouring 😜. But now I am really happy with the way the products combination worked on my hair. The products used are: Loreal Paris hair expertise oil replacement cream - Rs.80. Loreal Paris total repair 5 masque- Rs.369. Loreal Paris 6 oil nourish extraordinary oil- Rs.199. Panache hair shampoo massager- Rs.150. Dove intense repair shampoo- Rs.50. Patanjali kesh kanti milk protein shampoo- Rs.95. If you like this video,hit the like button which would make my day and plz subscribe to my channel if you like seeing my videos and share with your friends to grow our community. Connect me with Facebook @ https// Insta@ fashiondihappinezz Snapchat@ Sathiya_me With love, Sathiya

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