Brylcreem Manup Manual - Face & Beard Gel Wash


Brylcreem India


BRYLCREEM - FACE AND BEARD GEL WASH WHAT IS IT? A CLEANSER FOR YOUR FACE AND BEARD. Brylcreem’s Face and Beard Wash is formulated for both your face and beard. It cools and hydrates the skin, easing beard itch. The fragrance is an added bonus. Try the new Brylcreem range from Amazon now. Click here! WHAT’S IN IT? PACKED WITH ANTI-OXIDANTS. Anti-Oxidants: It is infused with anti-oxidants your beard and skin are bound to love. Menthol Crystals: Keeps you cool. And we aren’t talking just about your beard and face. HOW DO I USE THIS? 1) Squeeze out a small dab onto the palm of your hand. 2) Rub into beard and generate lather. 3) Enjoy the icy cool hit by extending the lather onto face.

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