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This is a full in-depth review of the Beardo hair/beard growth oil. This product has been highly requested on the channel. This oil claims to be a product that would grow your hair/beard. Make sure you watch the entire video to know if it actually fulfils its claims or not. A patch test is highly recommended for this product. I would still insist an individual to correct the diet and lifestyle before jumping onto products. If all else fails, one can try products like this. A basic guide to healthy diet and fitness - Price - Rs. 750, Rs.600-650 on Amazon Quantity - 50ml Packaging - 3.5/5 Verdict - ??? Links to purchase this oil - - Amazon!NNNN - Flipkart Social media links - Facebook - Instagram - Instagram for business - Snapchat - abhijeet_b15 Twitter - Zomato - Email me at - Business Email - BEARDO HAIR FALL CONTROL SHAMPOO for Men 250ml - Here are some good beard products: Himalaya Hair protein cream - BEARDO Beard Wash (100 ml),The Classic-!NNNN BEARDO Beard Wash (100 ml),The Black Velvette -!NNNN BEARDO Beard Wash (100 ml),The Irish Royale - BEARDO Beard Wash (100 ml),The Old Fashioned - The Man Company - Beard, Moustache & Mooch Wash: Argan & Geranium 100ml] -!NNNN The Man Company- Almond & Thyme Beard, Mooch & Moustache Wash (100ml) - Ustraa by Happily Unmarried Woody Beard Wash, 60ml -!NNNN AMAZON - Beard wash - Beard oil - Mooch wax - Beard softener - FLIPKART - Beard wash - Beard oil - Mooch wax - Beard softener - Green Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel - Khadi Natural Natural Aloe Vera Gel -!qnCa!NNNN Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel - The Man Company Argan & Geranium Oil -!iyg3!NNNN Pure & Sure Organic Coconut Oil - KLF 100% Pure Coconut Hair Oil - Dabur Badam Tail - ST Botanica Almond Pure Coldpressed Carrier Oil - 3 Bottles -!~8Sa!NNNN PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING.

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