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Beardo Products Men Luxourious Grooming Product. Beardo recently had a Thunder Sale on its website and from there, I have ordered alot of products for my personnel Grooming. Beardo wash having almost 50-60% discount on their site, so I purchased bucks of products. Beardo took almost 12 days to deliver it but when I received my stuffs, I didn't thought it would be so heavy and huge,.... Beardo had given me the shock obviously. The products that I had ordered from beardo were - beardo detan kit, beardo ban the tan, beardo charcoal kit, beardo charcoal face wash, beardo charcoal scrub, beardo charcoal body wash, beardo detan face wash, beardo detan face scrub, beardo detan body wash, beardo detan peel off mask, beardo aloe Vera gel, beardo black magic, beardo hair spray, beardo hair wax, beardo moisturiser, beardo hair serum, beardo hair gel, beardo hair oil, beardo keratin shampoo, beardo beard wax, beardo beard softener. Follow me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/vihaan2109/?hl=en

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