Almond and Thyme Beard oil | The Man Company (Hindi/English) | Review


Bearded Chokra


Hello Chokras!! This was The TRUTH about the Almond and Thyme Beard oil! I also compare it to the Argan and Geranium Beard oil. Please watch this video till the end to know how this product is and who should actually buy it! You can watch the unboxing at - You can buy this product and other products from these links! Almond and Thyme Beard oil: Argan and Geranium Beard oil:!NNNN Almond and Thyme Beard wash:!NNNN ALmond and Thyme Combo: Ustraa's woody beard wash:!NNNN Ustraa's Mooch wax:!NNNN Ustraa's Beard Softener: Social media links - Facebook - Instagram - Instagram for business - Snapchat - abhijeet_b15 Twitter - Zomato - Email me on - Business Email - Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!

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