How To Tame Frizzy Hair | Sonal Sagaraya


Sonal Sagaraya


Hey guys! My hair tends to get really dry and frizzy due to straightening before filming videos and going out! So here's how I tame all that frizz with some of my go-to BBlunt products. Hope you guys find this useful! For those of you new to my channel, I make beauty tutorials, hauls, nail art, skin care, product reviews, DIYs, makeup looks, fun snacks, and tons other videos every week. Please subscribe to my channel if that's of interest to you! From beginners to mavericks - hopefully, there's something for everyone :) xoxo, Sonal My social media madness continues here: Snapchat: @Sonalsagaraya (I'm currently obsessed with it!) Instagram: @sonalsagaraya Twitter: @sonalsagaraya Facebook: Google+: Periscope: @Sonalsagaraya My Vlog Channel:

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