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Deep Conditioning with Mayonnaise | Curly Hair | Desi Curly


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Products Used: 1. Mayonnaise: Funfoods Classic Mayonnaise You can also purchase: American Garden Mayonnaise: https://amzn.to/2ZML9w7 2. Aaranyaa Argan Oil Hair Pack : https://amzn.to/2Lsjo82 3. Disposable Shower Caps (Please reuse them after wash): https://amzn.to/2X8pQbG 4. Deep Conditioning Heatcap from HairLove: https://amzn.to/2NeoRlC 5. Hair Styling Cream - Arata https://amzn.to/2Llsljx 6. Hair Styling Gel - Aarata https://amzn.to/2Rzy2f1 🛒BUY MY RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS (all budgets): https://www.amazon.in/shop/desicurly ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Deep Condition and Style Curly Hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LGvG8LExGU&t=6s Arata Hair Product Review: Coming Soon... Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/desicurly ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤ Mayonnaise Deep Conditioning (DC)❤ Deep Conditioning aka hair spa or hair masking should be done atleast once a week for curls to provide weekly moisture and strength boost and combat dryness. 👌 I love it because: ✔It provides some each: softness, strength, shine & shrinkage to curls ✔Easy on pocket ✔ Convenient and easily available ✔ Smell goes away after washing with a conditioner ✔ Gives instant shine & shrinkage 💠 WHAT TO USE 1️⃣STORE BOUGHT JAR: I used I used ready to eat #mayonnaise since I can't make one at home. 2️⃣ DIY HOMEMADE MAYO: This one is the BEST of the two since quality ingredients are used and can be customized (use avocado oil in place of olive oil). Has no additives/salt/sugar/preservatives. 🔸The recipe is super easy: Blend one whole egg, 1 tbs lemon juice/vinegar, 4-5 tbs of extra virgin olive oil (or any other cold-pressed) for few minutes. Add 4-5 tbs of oil again and blend till you get thick creamy consistency. . ⚠️POSSIBLE ISSUE WITH READY TO EAT MAYO ✖Has sugar and salt. Though they won't grey your hair but have no use on hair and scalp. ✖Has food grade preservatives and other additives . ✔️Why I still use store bought? ✔Not seen any side-effects till date. I, rather, I love how my hair react after this. Instant shine and shrinkage. ✔ As precaution, I apply it as far as possible from scalp ⚠DO A PATCH TEST FIRST❤ . So..have you tried #mayoDC ? How was your experience? Share in comments below 😊 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dry, Frizzy, Rough, Dull hair? Do you have curly or wavy hair but no idea what to do to make them beautiful? Follow these steps: 1. Read and follow CG METHOD: https://www.rightringlets.com/2014/10/curly-girl-method/ 2. Learn how to wash and style and deep condition curly hair. Watch my full video and listen to the instructions. https://youtu.be/3LGvG8LExGU 3. Patience and consistency! Healthy shiny hair is not far 💕 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for dropping by pretty human! Give it a thumbs up❤️ I hope this video helps you in some way ❤️ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music : Shot Away (Instrumental Version) Credits: Epidemic Sound