Doing my own nails with OPI Pro Health Base Coat & OPI GelColor


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OPI introduced the Pro Health Base and Top recently and I bought the base and now I regret I didn't buy the top coat. Apparently you don't need to remove the shine from the top coat and the whole thing removes in 7 minutes (hard to believe, these claims are usually exaggerated) In this video I used the Pro Health base coat which applied very similarly to their original Gel Color base coat. I have used this base on few clients already but I removed the shine from the top coat and so far I had a very promising results. After 10 minutes under heating pad the gel polish does pretty much falls off the nails and the surface of the natural nails is very healthy looking and smooth, almost moisturized looking. Back to this manicure. I used OPI gel color Humidi-tea from their original line (apparently the gel polish formula hasn't changed, just the base and the top- my distributor informed me) The first coat went on OK, with some shrinking from free edge, so after flash curing it, I touched up the free edge. The second coat looked 95% good but to make it perfect I applied another, very thin coat, using my favourite brush (these brushes make my life so much easier!!) I will film the removal of this manicure in 2 weeks and share it with you. So, have you used the new OPI Pro Health Base and Top? What is your experience? Please share it in comments below! * THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO* Email me at for 1-on-1 coaching! Follow me on Patreon: Facebook: IG: My other links: My studio's website: My studio's IG:

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