L'Oreal Super Liner Gel Intenza Test Plus My Tribal Nails - Лореал Очн ...




Hi everyone, hope everything is going great with you x So I got another belated present from one of my friends, and this time I was happy enough to open a box with Loreal's new Gel Liner. I never used Gel liners before, and everyone on youtube says that the best one is by MAC but MAC is a brand that I can't find in my city but this one seems to be very promising. I watched a lot of reviews and was a bit skeptical about what I saw. How ever,I disliked the product because, it never does dry out. It messes up your shades really bad. I even did an over night test and nope, this is not worth the time or the money product. I really like Loreal products even a drug store brand they seem to be pretty cool in their lipsticks and mascara but not this one. Very disappointing. I hope you enjoy the test and the review, and I hope I helped you in - when making a decision to buy the best eye liner. I liked the packaging and the fact it came with brush but not the actual eye liner product. Marks: This is based on my personal opinion.

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