Sparkling Dust FEB | INGLOT | Tutorial




How many ways can you use INGLOT Sparkling Dust FEB? Learn how to use the must-have highlighter in a multitude of ways. Shop Online Now _____________________________________________ Video Timeline 00:01 Everything you will need for this tutorial 00:09 INGLOT Pro Blending Sponge 00:10 Dampen Pro Blending Sponge in Water 00:13 Spray with INGLOT Makeup Fixer This will intensify the highlight 00:14 Sparkling Dust FEB Model uses 07 00:15 Dip the dampened Pro Blending Sponge into the product and apply to the highpoints of the cheekbone 00:27 INGLOT Makeup Brush 37R 00:29 INGLOT Sparkling Dust 07 00:30 Apply highlighter to the bridge of the nose, tip of the chin and the cupids bow 00:39 INGLOT Sparkling Dust 07 00:40 Simply use your finger to add highlight to the inner corner of the eye 00:53 INGLOT Sparkling Dust FEB 07 00:54 Duraline 00:56 Mix Duraline and Sparkling Dust FEB together to create a liquid eyeliner 00:57 Spatula 01:03 INGLOT Makeup Brush 42T 01:06 Apply like a regular liquid eye liner using an angle brush, or any brush of your preference 01:15 INGLOT Sleeks Lip Gloss 29a 01:17 INGLOT Makeup Brush 45S 01:19 Apply Sleeks Lip Gloss, or any lip product of your choice. Dab on Sparkling Dust for extra sparkle and shine 01:26 INGLOT Sparkling Dust FEB 07 01:28 Pour some sparkling dust out onto the palm of your hand 01:30 Mix in with your body lotion for an all over body glow 01:40 Blend out with a damp Pro Blending Sponge if necessary _____________________________________________ Find Us Online Online Store Instagram Facebook Twitter _____________________________________________ Find A Store - 19 Dundas Square, Downtown Toronto _____________________________________________ MUA & Hair: LJ O’Rahilly Model: Jasmine Paguio Producer, DP, Editor, Director: Tom Sokalski Thank you for watching! Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed this video and you want to see more!

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