Miracle Sculpting Sponge Tutorial | Real Techniques




Nic from Pixiwoo introduces the new Real Technique’s Miracle Sculpting Sponge that combines and revolutionizes sculpting and highlighting, giving you a two-in-one makeup tool essential. Learn about the new Miracle Sculpting Sponge as Nic walks you through exactly what makes this sponge revolutionary. The two flat surfaces of the sponge allows for a variety of usage. Use one side for larger areas of the face but then pinch the sponge to accent those smaller areas. Flip the Miracle Sculpting Sponge to find the smaller side, which is amazing for highlighting to perfection, getting into those tricky crevices, covering up blemishes, and erasing mistakes. Shop Real Techniques’ new Miracle Sculpting Sponge Here: http://bit.ly/29ov1tL

Made with in India