Valentine’s Day: Metallic Lids Tutorial | Real Techniques




Get ready for Valentine’s Day with a wearable, romantic look. In this tutorial, Pixiwoo’s Sam shows you how to create this elegant look with the Sculpting Set, Eye Shade + Blend Duo, fine liner brush, Prep & Color Lip Set + the Bold Metals 100 Brush from Real Techniques. To start, use the Sculpting Brush to work a medium foundation onto your skin. Then, with the Base Shadow Brush, apply and blend your eyeshadow, letting the brush do the work. Next, with a Fine Liner Brush, run a gold liner just above your lashes. Over the top of the liner, apply a gold eyeshadow to pep up the gold. Clean any fallout under the eyes with the Sculpting Brush. Separate your lashes from the gold liner by closely running a black liner along your lashes and applying mascara. Then, with your Fan Brush, drape bronzer over your cheekbones and around your hairline and temples. Next, with the setting brush, pick up some golden highlight and dust it over the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, brow bone, and chin. With the sculpting brush, apply a blush with a touch of pink to soften the look. Moving onto the lips, apply a balm with the Lip Smoothing Brush to exfoliate and prepare the skin. Next, with the Lip Fan Brush and your highlighter, highlight your Cupid’s bow for a fuller look. Then, with your Lip Liner Brush, apply our choice of lip liner. Add a splash of red with the Lip Brush, pushing it into the middle of the lip. For the finishing touch, apply heart cutouts on top of your gold liner with Detailing Tweezer. Don’t forget to touch up any dark spots under your eyes with concealer, blending with the Deluxe Crease Brush. Set the look with pressed powder, applying with a Bold Metals 100 Brush.

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