Craving Yellow


Your Craving Yellow Valentine's Box will inspire you to love yourself just a tad bit more! It's packed with 8 hair products and 2 self-pampering treats - especially curated for the naturalista who wants to keep her fro growing and her skin glowing! Here's what's inside the Craving Yellow Valentine's Box! 1. Craving Yellow x Bu.Ke 3-in-1 Restore & Repair Shampoo Bar Formulated with Hibiscus, Honey and Cinnamon to boost your hair growth, strengthen your roots and keep your locks lustrous & healthy. 2. Mikalla Quadra Oil Hair Protein Treatment Enriched with conditioning agents, emollients, vitamins & natural essential oils, this treatment masque will sooth your scalp and nourish your strands. 3. Sheth Naturals Crude Avocado Oil Rich, deeply penetrating oil that is rich in vitamins A, D & E - use it to seal your hair's moisture after deep conditioning. 4. Craving Yellow Satin Bonnet Double-padded and hand-woven with the softest satin to protect your kinks and coils as you snooze. 5. Fluffy Buttah Whipped to perfection, this candy-scented butter will leave your skin glowing and your hair growing! 6. CocoMac Activated Charcoal Powder Deeply cleansing and detoxifying, this masque gently excavates toxins to leave your skin pure and glowing. 7. Hair Ring A little bling bling for your hair is all the current craze, so use your hair ring to bring out the queen in you! Bonus: Love on yourself with your Valentine's Treats! Light up your scented candle, indulge in some chocolate and then lavish your pout with your L.A Colours Lippie from Rc_Accessories! To place your international order click here: Local orders (Kenya) can be placed via MPESA Till Number 801675 (Buy Goods) For all enquiries, call or whatsapp +254 741 095 725 or +254 728 555 705 I'm Tabitha, a blogger & entrepreneur celebrating natural hair with the Craving Yellow Box: Satin Bonnet: Shampoo Bar: Vanilla Buttah: Thanks so much for watching, let's be friends! xxx!! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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