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What all did I pack for my India Trip | Skincare, Haircare and Makeup


Antariksha Phadnis


In this video, I am sharing what all I have packed for my trip to India including skincare, haircare and makeup. Thank you so much for watching this video. Don't forget to hit like and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more such videos. ---------------------------------- My latest 5 Videos 💜 ---------------------------------- - Colourpop Palette Comparison https://youtu.be/n0SyOzT5xek - Colourful Makeup Tutorial using Juvia's Place Douce Palette https://youtu.be/uAls3c_oAz8 - Primer Collection https://youtu.be/lIKm01VPswA - How to do Simple Makeup for Beginners https://youtu.be/V7D8BJdEFNc - Huda Beauty Coral and Gemstone Obsession Palette Review https://youtu.be/k_UjNWKJmck ----------------------------------------------------- My Blogs 💜 ----------------------------------------------------- http://infinitereflections.net/ http://patternedpapersandme.com/ Follow Me on Social Media 💜 ----------------------------------------------------- Facebook :- InfiniteReflectionsByAntariksha (url) Pinterest :- antarikshadas Instagram :- antarikshadas Twitter :- AntarikshaPhadnis@PatternedPapers ------------------------------------------------------ Makeup worn: ----------------------- https://youtu.be/32r-KjeiQkE Coming up on Monday For Business enquires/Collabs, please drop me an email at antariksha.phadnis@gmail.com Disclaimer : All opinions expressed are solely mine. I can give you a guideline about the products but It's best to try it out yourself and form your own opinion. All the visual contents of this video are solely mine, please request for permission if you want to use them. This is not a sponsored video. XOXO Antariksha