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❤❤❤❤Please Subscribe & Share❤❤❤❤ Hey Guys!!!! Today's video is all about makeup brushes for a beginner who is looking to get started with makeup, I also talk about the uses of various makeup brushes.All these makeup brushes that I use personally and would recommend you guys to buy. All these brushes are affordable and the brand I would recommend are PAC Cosmetics, REAL TECHNIQUES, PRO ARTE, BS MALL and Morphe brushes(if you can get your hands on these). Let me know in the comments below if you have any queries regarding any brushes:) ♡ BEAUTY BLENDER ♡ - Real Techniques Miracle Sponge: - Pac Cosmetics Beauty Blender: ♡ FACE BRUSHES ♡ - Real Techniques Buffing Brush: - Bs Mall Flat Foundation Brush: - Contour Brush(for applying concealer): - Real Techniques Powder Brush: -Real Techniques Powder Brush(for bronzing) - Pac Cosmetics Powder Brush(for bronzing & contouring) - Contour Brush: - Pac Cosmetics Powder(Contour) Brush: - Pro Arte Blush Brush No: 176F - Real Techniques Buffing Brush(for blush): -Real Techniques Setting Brush(for highlighter): ♡ EYE BRUSHES ♡ - Pro Arte Blending Brush No: 230E - PAC Cosmetics Packed Blending Brush - Pro Arte Crease Blending Brush No: 217 - Real Techniques Blending Brush: - PAC Cosmetics Blending Brush(Crease): - Pro Arte Eyeshadow Brush No: 219E - Faces Eyebrow & Mascara Brush: - Pro Arte Pencil Brush No: 248E - PAC Cosmetics liner Brush ❤❤❤ Chat and Follow me on ❤❤❤ Instagram: beautico Twitter: _beautico Snapchat: ritzzyyyyy Facebook Page: BeautiCo Music Credits: NoCopyRightSounds: Retro Vision: Puzzle Disclaimer:Almost all of the products that I use in my video are purchased by me. All the opinions and thoughts that I express in my video are genuine and I only talk about products I truly love and think you guys would love too :) Thanks a lot for coming across my channel. I love makeup, its my passion and I love collecting new makeup and trying out new products so that I can give you guys my say on all the makeup products in the market whether it is high end or affordable. Please do subscribe so we can be buddies:D

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