#HHFShops - Ayurvedic and Organic Skincare Haul from Tjori!




Hello my happy faces! So I recently got introduced to this website called as Tjori - which has an endless variety of 100% Organic and Ayurvedic products and I decided to give it a try! You can also use my coupon code HHF200 and get a Rs. 200 discount if you make a minimum purchase of Rs. 1500. Here is a list of all their products if you want to check them out! Ayurvedic skin care: https://www.tjori.com/living/better-living/ Organic skin care: https://www.tjori.com/living/handmade-organic-soaps-oils-scrub-clay-body-butter/ Tjori's wellness range - Mirrors: https://www.tjori.com/living/regal-reflections/ Aromatherapy: https://www.tjori.com/living/scintillating-aromatherapy/ Ayurvedic Ubtans: https://www.tjori.com/living/ayurvedic-ubtans/ Wooden Combs: https://www.tjori.com/living/natural-panache/   Things I purchased: https://www.tjori.com/p/neem-and-turmeric-ubtan/54880/ 309 https://www.tjori.com/p/hydrating-sandalwood-face-mist/55003/ 149 https://www.tjori.com/p/organic-sunscreen-with-spf-30/54818/ 759 https://www.tjori.com/p/moringa-face-toner/55004/ 399 https://www.tjori.com/p/aloe-vera-hand-and-foot-cream/57626/ 289 https://www.tjori.com/p/100-pure-avocado-oil/52758/ 779 https://www.tjori.com/p/activated-charcoal-gel/53991/ 409 https://www.tjori.com/p/day-cream-for-normal-skin/55007/ 469 https://www.tjori.com/p/night-skin-repair-elixir/60620/ 999 https://www.tjori.com/p/strengthening-amla-shampoo/57316/ - 399 Thanks for watching! I'll see you in my next video! Tada! Ridhi

Made with in India