What you don't know can hurt us: the faces of gender




What you don't know can hurt me: the faces of gender A video by prideHealth prideHealth has created a video featuring trans* people talking about their lives to help increase knowledge and understanding of gender identity and the realities of living with gender dysphoria for health care providers. This video offers a window into the lived experiences of a diverse group of trans* people who invite us consider the assumptions and beliefs we may hold about gender identity and the barriers this can create for accessing health care. What happens when: • You have a patient whose gender identity does not match the sex designation on their medical file? • A person has a preferred name that matches their gender identity, but not their designated sex? What are you going to call them? What pronouns are you going to use when you refer to them? Most of us take our gender for granted. Simply waiting for our names to be called in a waiting room often does not cause anxiety or hold the possibility that our safety and health could be at risk. For many trans* people, this stress and anxiety can keep them from accessing needed medical care. Research tells us that 28% of trans* people postpone accessing health care, and many trans* people only seek health care when their health issue has become acute. This is caused by the reality and fear of being stigmatized, being outed to other patients, being mistreated, and encountering health care providers who do not understand the challenges of living with gender dysphoria and the realities of being transgender. The transgender population has a suicide rate that exceeds 40%. What you don't know can hurt us: the faces of gender invites us to be part of meeting unmet health care needs of our Nova Scotian trans* population. For more information about trans* health care and to access the video please visit www.prideHealth.ca. trans*- an umbrella term that refers to identities within the gender identity spectrum, some of which include: transgender, FTM, MTF, trans man, trans woman, genderqueer, gender fluid, transsexual, two-spirit, bi-gender, pangender, ambi-gender, and polygender.

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