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Create your own homemade shea butter body exfoliator with this DIY beauty recipe from Vanda Serrador, Facial & Body Care Expert for The Body Shop. Vanda’s DIY beauty recipes show you how to soften and mix our multi-purpose Shea Butter and nourish dry skin and hair your way. Share the fun with friends and get stuck in. You’ll freshen up your beauty routine in no time. Exfoliating the skin helps to remove dead skin cells and allows the new Shea Butter to help nourish the revealed skin. For best results, use 2-5 times per week. WHAT DO I NEED? • Multi-purpose Shea Butter • Exfoliating Bath Gloves • Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream, Wild Argan Oil, Olive Shower Gel or Tea Tree Body Wash STEP 1 Warm and soften the Shea Butter in your hands. STEP 2 Put one teaspoon of Shea Butter on the inside of our Bath Gloves. While showering, massage your body with the gloves on. STEP 3 Rinse your skin with one of our cleaners above. Love this video? Give it a thumbs up and visit our YouTube channel for skincare routines, make-up looks and more. FOLLOW US: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - © 2018 The copyright for the material in this film is owned by or licensed to The Body Shop International Limited. Not for sale. All rights reserved.

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