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Description:- permanent skin whitening cream Active organic ingredients Amla Berry Lychee Punarnava roots SPF 25 PA+++ Most useful videos👇👇👇👇 Best shampoo:- https://youtu.be/7W7IwYHp1M4 Get rid of large pores :- https://youtu.be/2PotWTRYX8M Hyperpigmentation,melasma:- https://youtu.be/xNNK8D4ItJ4 Remove upper lip hair:- https://youtu.be/5BER0BOaYQk Dark neck whitening:- https://youtu.be/_FCbuIy1P-8 Black heads& white heads https://youtu.be/4_Vi8LX4qbY Mouth around blackness:- https://youtu.be/CXZYlR9hU_A Waxing easily:- https://youtu.be/8cGk_4w2AoM Best sunscreens:- https://youtu.be/GPvauvJY4ww Super fast hair growth:- https://youtu.be/JTkLIbTUTsQ Back neck remedy:- https://youtu.be/nix3qhdzlOw SPF:- https://youtu.be/BJp4D12oai8 Disclaimer:- The information provided on this channel is only for general purpose& should not be taken as professionals advice, We r not licensed professionals, so always consult professionals help Viewers are subjected to these information on their own risk.this channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm,side effect,illness,&skincare problems caused due to an use of our content(or)anything related to this video All the content provided in this channel is my own experience.

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