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Hey Reloaders, Subscribe here: Online purchase swiss tempelle Total clean up:!599!3!37617423434!!!g!294680686006!&utm_source=GooglePaid&utm_medium=PLA&utm_campaign=PLA_Fullsite_Shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjwuqfoBRAEEiwAZErCsgYOLPA56CfwuMAdWwNALhPNuqWm6Q9l6mOBsm7ZYhPBznx4Bd9hLxoCf7UQAvD_BwE So guys, This is a #honestreview of #swisstempelle product Total clean up. I always believe in using and understanding the product before reviewing it. So I have been using the product "swiss tempelle total clean up" from last 2 months. My experience is good. I am quiet satisfied with the product because whatever we could expect from a clean up product, this swiss tempelle total clean up, actually fulfills those expectations really well. The major thing that I figured out is that, this product, swiss tempelle total clean says that it can be used as facewash + scrub + mask. But in my opinion never use a same product as scrub and face wash both. It can be really harmful for skin. During the second week of my usage I faced the issue of dryness because I have been using swiss tempelle total clean up both ways, as facewash and scrub. A product can be used as scrub as mask because the applying method of both things i.e scrub and mask is not at all similar. So, I agree with swiss tempelle total clean up that it could be used as scrub and mask. I would give a thumbs up to this product because a product with more than one use in such price is simply awesome. Swiss tempelle total clean up price is 110 INR which is very much affordable and the product is paraben free which is great. So, do give a try to this product and share your views with me. Do LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE And SUBSCRIBE. #supervisingshellreloaded See you soon Jhappies and pappies 😘🤗

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