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Basic Contouring Makeup |Round Face Contouring Tutorial


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Here is a video on the basics of contouring. I have used the MAC Matte Bronze Powder for this and swear by it. Today I have something very interesting to share with you all. First of all, thank you for the amazing response to the video reviews on our YouTube channel. Keep watching and loving! We have so much more exciting things coming up! Today, I am not sharing any video review but I have a basic tutorial on how to contour and understand its basics. Since I have a round face so we will mainly talk about how to perfectly contour a round face. So, lets get started- Contouring : Meaning & Basics Many of the readers are still not aware of the importance of contouring in achieving a flawless look. Makeup itself is a great art and has the power to transform the look of a person substantially. You may have admired the B-town actresses in some of your favorite movies as to how perfect they look. Well, it has a lot to do with the makeup tactics that make their face really presentable and alluring. So we need to understand what contouring does for the face. Contouring basically is done to create hollows on the face which appear to give a sculpted look to the face. This means it actually makes your face look slimmer with the help of makeup. Contouring is the best when you are not able to trace that there is a layer of makeup on the face and it has to be perfectly blended and in accordance with the skin tone. In my opinion, a matte bronzer will look more natural than a shimmer based bronzer as you need to create shadows of the face to give that sculpted look. Also, another common notion among readers is that bronzer should particularly be a light brown shade, but I suggest to go with any bronzer which is 1-2 shades darker than your actual skin tone. MAC matte bronzer review + matte bronzer In the video, I have tried to do a basic contouring on my round face and you can easily follow the steps, if you wish to achieve a chiseled jawline and cheeks. The products which are my staple for a basic contouring for my face are as under- Mac Matte Bronze Powder The Balm Bahamas Mama Bronzer thebalm bahama mama bronzer review + balm + blush In the video below, I have used Mac Matte Bronze Powder for the tutorial. I have used Coastal Scents Angle Natural Brush for the application and blending. Another brush I find great for contouring is Ambika Pillai Contour Brush. These brushes are perfect for contouring according to me. coastal-scents-classic-blush-angle-large-natural-review+-coastal-scents-contour-brush I didn’t use anything on my face other than a BB cream & my compact. The first step is to know the areas on your face where contouring is done. The crevices of the cheeks, the jawline, double chin (if you have), the sides of the nose and the temples of your face. Now begin with a little amount of product in the brush and make a fish face and start applying the bronzing powder with inner strokes. Apply to the areas with light strokes After applying blend in really well to give a natural look to the face. Follow the same light hand application, if you wish to have a more shadow on the cheeks! Well, Do watch the video for a step by step procedure and have a clear view of what to do! I hope you like it! Share your feedback in the comments. Stay Wise! Stay Beautiful! How To Contour And Highlight Perfectly: http://www.wiseshe.com/2014/03/how-to-contour-and-highlight-perfectly.html Do Check out our Blog: www.wiseshe.com for more awesome reviews! Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/wisesheindia... Instagram http://instagram.com/zarakm Twitter https://twitter.com/Zarakm