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3 FESTIVE Hairstyles For Curly Hair | Easy Curly Hairstyles | Knot Me Pretty


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Hey Guys! Finally a video on Curly hair, in this video i'm gonna show you 3 Festive hairstyles for my girls with Curly Hair, i personally love the BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour to dress up a hairstyle and it instantly becomes Festive and Stands out, i especially loved how Copper add a richness into my hair colour so its safe to say it's gonna be perfect for Indian Skin tones and hair colour. I hope this video helps! Love, Shalini Subscribe to My Hindi Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnMPn-lYh8EJEcSd8Vf9rWA?sub_confirmation=1 ** Find me here- ** Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/knot_me_pretty/ Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/knotmepretty/ **Check out the Products Here** BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave In Cream- https://www.bblunt.com/product/high-definition-curl-curl-defining-leave-in-cream/ BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour- https://www.bblunt.com/product-category/hair-extensions-temp-colours/temporary-hair-colours/ 3 FESTIVE Hairstyles For Curly Hair / Easy Curly Hairstyles Watch more easy hairstyling videos- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-whhxgE-4egHVgIy-4PpTZu Watch Some Celebrity inspired Videos- Alia Bhatt's Hairstyle- Kar gayi chull- https://youtu.be/pFkLA9yvG74?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 Deepika Padukone Easy Twisted Crown Braid- https://youtu.be/0oqP2mdwX24?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 Bipasha Basu's Easy Indian Wedding Hairstyle- https://youtu.be/f51bZn-6gmU?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 Deepika Padukone's Romantic Bun Hairstyle- https://youtu.be/Q1DHUpZjVbw?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 Anushka Sharma's Inspired Make up look- Sultan https://youtu.be/mVBqPhWEST8?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 Deepika Padukone's Volumised Ponytail- https://youtu.be/VJZtIuq4EtI?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 Boho Braided Updo- Emma Roberts- https://youtu.be/WI30WQxySuo?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 Sonam Kapoor's Easy Side Twist Hairstyle- https://youtu.be/UN78Ggi_vOs?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 Sonam Kapoor's Glamorous Bun Hairstyle- https://youtu.be/zGV2r2jXLcg?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 3 Easy everyday messy bun Hairstyle- https://youtu.be/Ha0ahLNkcCM?list=PL_iuWkUR1d-wJGXDBPIUyc9hv4F_jVk74 Like, Share, Subscribe!