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Mirror shine hair mask | hair mask | hair care | ERICA FERNANDES


Erica Fernandes


this makes your hair thicker , stronger , shiner and takes care of your split ends and frizz . makes your hair smooth and manageable gelatine - 1 spoon hot water - 3 spoons ( if u want a thicker consistency ) i prefer around 5-7 spoons hot water make sure the water is hot for the gelatine to dissolve easily 1 spoon of conditioner / deep conditioner mix gelatine into hot water till it dissolves well n then add conditioner into it let it sit for 20 mins, till it gets back to room temperature wash your hair with only shampoo , towel dry your hair and then apply this mask n to damp hair ... put on a shower cap and run the hair dryer over it of a fe mins to try in the heat , this acts as a hair steamer keep this mask on for a minimum of 40 mins . you can keep it around for 1-2 hours as well if you face stiffening of the hair dnt be scared its the gelatine wash your hair off with luke warm water and then deep condition your hair . you can also use a normal conditioner here if u dnt hv a deep conditioner . massage the deep conditioner into your hair for 5 whole mins remember only hair and not the scalp ! wash your hair n then dry it . if you are using a dryer only use it on he cold air setting . flip your hair down n blow dry your hair . pls do try it out and let me know your feedback