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Ayurvedic & Natural Skincare Haul ft Tjori


Shalini Srivastava


Tjori personal care range consists of 100% Organic and Ayurvedic products. Their organic range is eco-friendly, free from synthetic ingredients like SLS and Paragons. Also The homemade Ayurvedic wellness product range has the goodness of Amla, Reetha, Shikaki, Curry Powder, Been powder, Moringa, Jatamashi, Rose Petals, Tulsi, Bhringraj, Brahmi. Use code: 'SHALINI200' and get INR 200 off on a minimum purchase of INR 1500. Products shown in the video - Tan Removal Sundried Oranges & Papaya Facial Scrub https://www.tjori.com/p/tan-removal-sundried-oranges-papaya-facial-scrub/59444/ - Rs 449 Indian Rose Face Gel https://www.tjori.com/p/indian-rose-face-gel/57319/ - Rs 490 Pulpy Papaya Face Mask With Protein Grits For All Skin Types https://www.tjori.com/p/pulpy-papaya-face-mask-with-protein-grits-for-all-skin-types/56688/ - Rs 600 Dead Sea Facial Toner https://www.tjori.com/p/dead-sea-facial-toner/52316/ Rs 513 Curry Leaves Herbal Hair Oil https://www.tjori.com/p/curry-leaves-herbal-hair-oil/52856/ Rs 755 Deep Hydrating Gel https://www.tjori.com/p/deep-hydrating-gel/53994/ Rs 709 Mediterranean Mango Body Butter https://www.tjori.com/p/mediterranean-mango-body-butter/52780/ Rs 763 Aloe Vera Hand And Foot Cream https://www.tjori.com/p/aloe-vera-hand-and-foot-cream/57626/ RS 381 Nourishing Almond Oil Body Cream https://www.tjori.com/p/nourishing-almond-oil-body-cream/57314/ Rs 392 Exfoliating Honey Oats Scrub Bar https://www.tjori.com/p/exfoliating-honey-oats-scrub-bar/52748/ Rs 283 Revitalizing Vitamin E Body Cream https://www.tjori.com/p/revitalizing-vitamin-e-body-cream/57313/ Rs 327 Rejuvenating Rose Blossom Bar https://www.tjori.com/p/rejuvenating-rose-blossom-bar/52749/ Rs 283 *Disclaimer : All the products shown were sent by the brand. This is not a sponsored video.