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Party makeup for tan / Indian skin | Black and Gold smokey eyes using fingers


Jovita George


Party makeup for tan skin or Indian skin Black and gold smokey eyes makeup tutorial How to apply smokey eyes using only fingers, without any brushes Check out Himani's video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7qllR9JYE0 ►Subscribe to my channel here: https://goo.gl/jjxGDR Other videos you may enjoy: ►Fun travel vlog: https://youtu.be/4f8mRzFALoc ►More on being Indian: https://youtu.be/FIhrsTVExNY ►Makeup mistakes that brown girls make: https://youtu.be/II86LBr-Rp4 ►How to apply makeup on dark brown indian skin: https://youtu.be/k6Vrf9PXc1o ►How to hide darkness around your mouth area: https://youtu.be/4rN80G4XuWY ►Glamorous party makeup for dark skin: https://youtu.be/VV52HsXFCu0 Products used: Foundation: L'oreal true match foundation in W7 foundation tutorial: http://youtu.be/94efRhR3UCM Concealer: L.A. Girl pro conceal in cool tan concealer tutorial: http://youtu.be/ePhNbWqN0m8 Eyeborw pencil: Milani automatic water resistant eyebrow pencil in dark brown Black eyeliner pencil: Smiling eyeliner pencil in black Eyeshadow: Nyx trio in TS01 white/grey/black Eyeshadow primer: Milani Gold eyeshadow: Lakme eyeshadow quad in Tanjore rush Gold pigment: Moda gold pigment Mascara: Maxfactor false lash effect lipstick: Maybelline vivids vivid rose Blush: L'oreal true match blush in candy cane pink For business inquiries please contact: mrjovitageorge@gmail.com You can also find me at: Fashion blog : http://taintedfingers.blogspot.com/ www.twitter.com/mrjovitageorge www.facebook.com/mrjovita www.taintedfingers.blogspot.com Instagram: @mrjovitageorge pose : @mrjovitageorge Pinterest : @mrjovitageorge You may also like : How to apply foundation- http://youtu.be/94efRhR3UCM How to apply concealer/ conceal dark under eye circles- http://youtu.be/ePhNbWqN0m8 How to make your own bb cream- http://youtu.be/04KUpTsa080 Bollywood makeup tutorials- http://youtu.be/HFhJjbGo9oc Makeup for glasses- http://youtu.be/39pt9zgD1q0 How to apply eyeliner- http://youtu.be/IR9cD_wKFy0 Relation ship advice- http://youtu.be/6iuHfQxFs18 Music by Dano music Watch my makeup tutorials if you love: Bollywood makeup tutorials Arab makeup Glamorous makeup Makeup for brown skin Makeup for brown eyes Makeup for indian skin Makeup for dark skin Skincare Indian beauty guru Middle East beauty guru Kuwait Beauty guru Dubai Beauty guru Dubai Kuwait Qatar Bahrain Yemen Oman Middle east Saudi arabi