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Homemade Skin Lightening Body Lotion, HOMEMADE BODY LOTION for DRY GLOWING SKIN, WINTER moisturizer


Preeti Pranav Pathak


Homemade Skin Lightening Body Lotion in Hindi. Skin lightening lotion is much needed in winters because every one gets affected by sun UV rays and want to remove sun tan using some thin natural. SO here in this video i am sharing with you all a very effective, very easy, very affordable body lotion recipe to gel bright, lighten, whiten body/skin in winters. This homemade DIY body lotion will work as skin lightener, will remove sun tan, deeply moisturize your skin and will give you healthy glowing smooth and silky skin. I have used 5 natural ingredients to make this skin lightening body lotion , body lotion recipe: 1.) Aloe vera gel : I have used patanjali aloe vera gel, it acts like natural sun protector hence works as spf in our body lotion. It also makes our skin soft smooth and silky. 2.) Glycerin : It locks moisture in our skin, deeply nourishes our skin. Ever very good moisturizer for oily skin, treats many oily skin problems like acne, skin irritation etc. 3.) Rose Water: I have use patanjali rose water, It is a natural cleanser, refreshes our skin, removes skin irritation, gives pleasant fragrance to our lotion. 4.) Lemon Juice : Because it is rich in Vitamin C it is very good to remove dark spots, sun tan form our skin and gives very bright and fair skin tone. 5.) Almond Oil : It is a very good moisturizer, gives smooth , reflective skin, it is rich in Vitamin A so it nourishes skin by entering deeply to pores. You can use any oil like castor oil , coconut oil, olive oil or vitamin E oil but i am using sweet almond oil here. If you have super dry skin or cracks on you skin then you use vitamin e oil. For good results use this body lotion : 1.) Just after taking Bath. 2.) Just before going to bed. 3.) Just after waxing. You can store this lotion for about 1 weeks because we have used lemon juice here u cant store it for more then 1 week. To know the ration and usage of this lotion please watch video,,