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PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM USES for FACE HAIR, REVIEW, BENEFITS in HINDI | PATANJALI PRODUCTS are my favourite, i keep on trying all NEWLY LAUNCHED PATANJALI PRODUCTS, although PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM is not a new product but i recently bought if 2 weeks before to give it a try for my SKIN and HAIR, and i must say i am happy with its results. Even I used this oil to MASSAGE my BABY and it is very GOOD FOR BABY MASSAGE too. I used this oil in many different ways, and i am very happy with the results. This PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM BENEFITS are so many, it is very good for SKIN, FACE, HAIRS as the product says - USEFUL FOR HAIR AND SKIN GLOW AND IMPROVES MUSCLES STRENGHTH. Let us now talk about the product PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM PRICE, INGREDIENTS, REVIEW: The product is 100ml in Rs 60 INR, made up of all natural ingredients, natural oils, beneficial oils, NO MINERAL Oil. Its manufacture is totally AYURVEDA and it is a AYURVEDIC oil with NO SIDE is writternt on the product is that it us AYURVEDIC PROPRIETARY MEDICINE. Its composition or ingredients are : Badam Tail, Jaitun Tail, Akhrot Tail, Surajmukhi Tail, Til Tail, Soyabean Tail, Moongfuli Tail, Sarson Tail, Erand Tail It is having added perfumes too which is not good thing about this oil. PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM USES for FACE HAIR: 1.) PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM as BODY LOTION: I use this on my body lotion , some times i mix it with my body lotion and sometimes i apply it directly on my skin, mostly i apply this at NIGHT TIME on my SKIN. It makes my skin soft, suppel ans smooth. You can apply this oil before or after takin bath. patanjali products patanjali tejus tailumpatanjali products for hair patanjali products for hair growth patanjali product for dry skin patanjali product for oily skin patanjali product for white hair 2.) PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM as MAKEUP REMOVER : This oil is very good for removing makeup and after removing makeup IT HYDERATES SKIN AND NOURISHES SKIN. As it is having almond oil mas sesamum oil so it is very good to remove mascara and kajal. If you have dry skin u can use it direcly but if you have oily skin mix it with aloevera gel. 3.) PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM for HAIR MASSAGE : It is very good for hair massage as it helps in HAIR GROWTH, STOPS HAIR FALL, PREVENT HAIR GREYING and gives extra SHINING TO HAIR, as it is very light in texture. 4.) PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM as MOISTURISING CREAM : You can make your own cream by mixing it with PATANJALI ALOE VERA GEL and apply it directly on your face or massage your face with it for FACIAL MASSAGE. 5.) PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM for DRY SKIN FACE PACK : Peop;e with dry skin always struggle with face packs as they think any face pack makes there skin more dry , so here i am having solution to your problem, just mix this oil in any of your face pack and then you will get soft, hyderated skin. 6.) PATANJALI TEJUS TAILUM as BABY MASSAGE OIL : As we know this oil improves muscle strenght so it is very good to massage your baby with this oil. And then bath your baby. Please Like, Share, Comment and subscribe !! PATANJALI FACIAL for OILY and DRY SKIN at HOME, NATURAl, AFFORDABLE, STEP BY STEP | पतंजलि फेशियल : OLIVIA PAN STICK OR PAN CAKE, MAKEUP, APPLICATION, REVIEW, SHADES in Hindi , AFFORDABLE Makeup stick : PATANJALI DIVYA KANTI LEP USES, REVIEW GLOWING FACE PIMPLE, WRINKLES, FAIRNESS OILY SKIN in HINDI : OVERNIGHT FACE MASK for GLOWING SKIN, FAIRNESS, PIMPLE/ ACNE, WRINKLES for OILY SKIN, DRY in HINDI : PIMPLE MARKS/SCARS REMOVAL at HOME NATURALLY, HOME REMEDY for ACNE MARKS TIPS TREATMENT in HINDI : HAIR STRAIGHTENING at HOME PERMANENTLY, NATURALLY, WITHOUR HEAT, for MEN or WOMEN in HINDI : ************************************************************* MY SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS : Facebook : Instagram : Roposo : DIY: HAUL: Beauty, Hair and Skin Care : Yummy Food : Baby Care: Email ID: Do like the videos, share them with your friends, comment below and please please do Subscribe my channel "Preetipranav" : Bye Bye Tc

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