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Hello guys, It was a long time i havent post any think on my youtube channel but today i want to do upload a eye tutorial and it a berry yellow eye tutorail cut crease look i hopr you guys will love it ... dont forget to love share and subscribing to my channel PRODUCTS: colorbar primer nykaa skinshield foundation true toffee maybelline age rewind concealer caramel makeup revolution concealer c10 maybelline fit me loose powder medium sugar force the face palette 02 maybelline mascara makeup revolution soph x eyeshadow palette maybelline mascara as a brow gel nykaa so matte lipsticks boujee beauty eye brushes SB BEAUTY CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXPszADlf4qJUtQqiyMOTPA?view_as=subscriber DONT FORGET TOO SUBSCRIBE TRAVEL makeup look NO FOUNDATION LOOK |Skincare and makeup | SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/sK2cdZxGRlU NYKAA SKINshield foundation | Is it WORTH BUYING for DUSKY skintone?? SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/UquMayH2N9k MIX all my FOUNDATION (15 shades ) ITS DARK ??? SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/8vGVXcOec7g MAMA EARTH C3 FACE MASK best facepack for summer| SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/pdQrtePvsOc INDIAN BRAND Dr.Sheth's SKINCARE Basic brightening Vitamin Glotion |Shalini bhagat| https://youtu.be/Bg-N4KH7ivA HOW to APPLY FALSE EYELASHES |Do's & Don't |Shalini Bhagat https://youtu.be/f9oLsFZyrz0 EVERYDAY MAKEUP tutorial for OFFICE |DUSKY SKINTONE| SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/0WDfKHpNf18 AFFORDABLE FOUNDATION COMPACT AND MAKEUP BRUSHES for DUSKY SKINTONE |SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/7nVy0xvzxOc MY EVERYDAY DAYTIME SKINCARE ( Before office) |SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/MTOx16eDP-8 SWATCHED all my FOUNDATION (Little REVIEW on all..) #1MYSUBSCRIBERCHOISESHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/FH0_VE0Drl8 POP OF YELLOW | KYLIE JENNER MY VERSION |SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/XFMG1I3y1HA INDIAN BRAND *NEW* PAC SPOTLIGHT LIQUID CONCEALER Is it Best for Dusky skintone?? |SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/TL7MIMGZ6HI CRUNCHY BOHEMIAN MAKEUP LOOK (BOHO)|SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/4ZYhVZu58EI FEATHERY EYEBROW TUTORIAL ft. MAYBELLINE Total Temptation Mascara (Review+Tutorial) SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/YgcZ5R353RY MAYBELLINE 24 HOURS SUPERSTAY FOUNDATION (WEAR TEST+REVIEW) SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/yU3wtxz7J7A SIMPLE AND EASY🌞 *SUNSET EYELOOK*🌞 |SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/cy30a4Lo7gA 💙ELECTRIC BLUE EYES💙 | MAKEUP TUTORIAL| SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/utrjciKOeEc NYX POWDER FOUNDATION |best for oily skin? | duskyskintone?? |SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/Rsz98v7iwWA TATTOO BROW ft. MAYBELLINE (3 DAYS WEAR TEST) |SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/ITZByQj4v50 MAKEUP REVOLUTION FAST BASE STICK FOUNDATION | DUSKYSKINTONE | SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/TGcgQz-sSJQ VALENTINE DAY LIFT UP LOOK (CRAZY DAY CRAZY LOOK) BE DIFFERENT |SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/jJryIFCom5Y NEW CHANNEL (HINDI + ENGLISH) EXCITED BEST FOR BEGINNER |SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/Gm7lLH9C-sQ GLOWING MAKEUP TUTORIAL |0 - 100 TRANSFORMATION| DUSKYSKINTONE| SHALINI BHAGAT https://youtu.be/pMK-WdOT1bw BOUJEE BEAUTY BRUSHES (INDIAN BRAND)... 100%CRUELTY FREE |SHALINI BHAGAT| https://youtu.be/QbSsukWZhkw Music info: Track: Rival & Cadmium - Daily (feat. Jon Becker) Link: https://youtu.be/veywfzDGfuU Track: Cadmium - Melody (feat. Jon Becker) Link: https://youtu.be/9MiFRbymQXQ Track: Nadro - Waiting For You (Timmy Commerford & Veronica Bravo) Link: https://youtu.be/GPUzr0J0eLg * I DO NOT HOLD THE RIGHTS TO ANY MUSIC USED IN THE VIDEO.* FOLLOW ME HERE: INSTAGRAM -https://www.instagram.com/shalinibhagatb/ GMAIL - shalinib552@gmail.com TWITTER - https://twitter.com/SHALINIBHAGAT8 FACEBOOK -https://www.facebook.com/shalinibhagatb/ THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO For business enquiry or PR related send a mail at Shalinib552@gmail.com DISCLAIMER : I want this channel to bring us together, learn from each other , make new friends and most important spread happiness and positivity. you will be blocked and reported immediately if you are found spreading hate, negativity and unnecessary abuse. copyright : everythink you see on this video was created by me (Shalini Bhagat) . Please do not used any photo or content without first asking permission at Shalinib552@gmail.com thanku lots of love XOXO