My Everyday Morning Routine 2018 | Debina Decodes | Beauty Ep 03


Debina Decodes


The entire morning skin care routine took me 18 minutes sharp...! Washing the face, applying moisturizer & sunscreen - 3 minutes. The Moisture Sheet (twice a week) - 15 minutes. (That much you take to freshen up). So this is a complete skin care routine, quick & easy. It’s not a long routine to do in the morning that you cannot manage with other work. Also I wake up pretty early by 5.45 am so I do get some extra time for myself before carrying on with the daily routine. Also what’s the point in being busy with other things when you do not have time for your own self..? And of course, I haven't mentioned about brushing teeth because of course you all know how do it well (Wink, wink..!) And for all the Gurmeet fans, yes, he is there at home but I have spared him from my camera this time around, giving him his privacy. © 2018 Debina Decodes Subscribe: Like us: Facebook - Follow us: Twitter - Instagram -

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