Hair Care & Styling | Hair Spa at home + Best Hair Curler of my life


Mandvi Singh


Hey loves! I am showing you how i curl my hair and straighten them. What hair curler and hair straightener i prefer to use. How i take care of my hair and do hair spa at home once a month. I am also sharing some home remedies for hair fall and dry hair. And sharing my favorite shampoos, hair mask, hair conditioner etc. Products mentioned: BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner, For Seriously Dry Hair Corioliss Style Stick Super Slim Curling Wand ( 7-10 mm Curls) {I got it on sale. So if you are frugal like me wait for the sale ;)} Pure & Sure Organic Castor Oil Figaro Olive Oil Tin (It's the purest olive oil available in my opinion) Music: YouTube Library

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